European Hair Extensions

European Hair Extensions is very popular with finer hair types .The hair we offer is natural raw European virgin hair which is then colored to match your hair. This is not European silicone processed hair. European Hair Extensions hair is collected in a way that is retains the cuticle so you get no tangling and matting. This hair comes in straight or with a natural wave. This is not body wave but a very slight natural wave. European Hair Extensions hair is so soft and beautiful to touch and is a perfect match for European Hair. As this hair is Pure European Hair Extensions you can color or perm it. European Virgin hair is generally brown so we may have to color it to match your hair if your hair is blonde.

Our Hair Extensions Salon always helps people to be fashionable with our newest European Hair Extensions everybody is raving about. Our European Hair Extensions Specialists enhance your total image by applying the latest fashion in the European Hair Extensions scene. Get yourself into the trend and indulge in the comfort and glamour of alternative hair Our Hair Extensions Salon can provide you.

We at Our Hair Extensions Salon are dedicated to give you quality hair extension wigs for all occasions. You'll find the following among our wide variety of hair extensions. They are Russian hair extensions, European hair extensions, Keratin hair extensions, Wefted hair extensions, Hand-tied weft hair extensions, Moldova hair extensions, Lady chocolate hair extensions, Pre-tipped hair extensions.

All these are perfect for any occasion where you'll be turning heads. Our Hair Extensions Salon European Hair Extensions products are purely made of human hair originating from the European part of Soviet Union plus some independent countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, etc. These hair products are carefully chosen and gathered only from young and healthy donors from the European countries with guaranteed high quality virgin human hair. Trust only Our Hair Extensions Salon European Hair Extensions to give you the best look using quality hair extensions.

In Our hair extensions salon, you can get European Hair Salon Extensions in variet of colors and textures. Ours European Hair Extensions specialists have made hair problem easy for who is having damaged hair and wish to grow faster. Our European Hair Extensions specialists can simply enhance your look and can give you a good personality. Many people will always have a big desire to have hairs that looks beautiful and awesome. Our hair extensions do have famous European Hair extensions salons located in Astoria, Queens, NY in New York City, NY, NYC, which is minutes away from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, Staten Island, NJ, and CT.